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1、 人教版七年级英语下册第三单元学案 Unit 3 Why do you like koalas ? Section A 一、教师寄语: Happiness is found along the waynot at the end of the road/-Sol Gordon 幸福将在路途中被发现,而不是在路的终点。 二学习目标 知识目标:koakas tiger elephant dolphin panda lion penguin giraffe zoo cute map smart animal box kind of south Africa 能力目标:Describe animals

2、/Express preferences 情感目标:通过对本节知识的学习,培养学生要热爱动物,保护自然 三重点难点 Importance/ Master the new words and phrases Difficulty/ Express preferences 四、学习过程 (一)预习导学(Warming Up) 1/Read new words by themselves/then check some students pronunciations 2/ Learn the new words by finishing the exercises/(英汉互译) 只可爱的大象_ 有几

3、分_ 一只有趣的海豚_ 几只可怕的狮子_ come from_ welcome to the zoo_ a smart koala_ want to see the pandas_ (二)预习自测 根据首字母和汉语提示写单词 1/-Why do like tigers? -Because they are very c_ 2/_(让我们) play with the cats/ 3/Look at the _(长颈鹿)/They are eating leaves/ 4/Penguins live in south A_ 5/There are many kinds of a_in the z

4、oo/ (三)情景导入 First play a vedio about many kinds of animals /then make a dialogue by asking them questions/ Do you like animals? What animals have you seen in the zoo? And whats your favorite animal? Why? (四)自主探究 1/译成汉语,注意划线部分 Lets see the lions first/ 2/让他做这件事吧。 Let_it/ (五)合作交流 Make the conversation

5、s following the example A/ Lets see the lions / B/ Why do you like them ? A/ Because they are cute/ B/ Where are lions from? A/ They are from South Africa/ (六)拓展创新 找出与划线部分意思相同的选项 The panda is kind of interesting/ A little B a kind of C kinds of D a little 分析:kind of 意为“有点儿”,相当于副词,用于形容词前表程度,a little

6、也有此法,故选D/ little 用于不可数名词前,表示物质的量,意为“几乎无”, a kind of 后接名词,意为 “一种”,kinds of 与 a kind of 一样,表种类,是a kind of 的复数形式。 (七)达标检测 一、单项选择(每题1分) 1/ - _do you like penguins ? -Because _are very smart/ A/ Why / you B/ What/ they C/ What/ you D/ Why/ they 2 The dolphins are _interesting/ A /kind of B/a kind of C/ k

7、inds of D/ kind 3/_the comedies are funny/_I like it very much/ A/ Because/ so B/ Because of /so C/ Because// D/ Because of/ / 4/ What _animals do you like ? A /other B /the other C /some D /others 5/-Where _you come from ? -I _from China/ A/ are/ am B/do/am C /are / do D/do/ do 二、用方框中所给词填空。 Shy/ Ch

8、ina/ play with/ Sunday/ because/ new/ panda/ want/ beautiful/quiet Today is_/ Jim and David _to go to the zoo/_there is a _in the zoo/ She is _ there/ Her name is Ling Ling/She is from _/ She is only five years old/ Shes very _/Children like her very much/ They want to _her/ but Ling Ling is _/So th

9、e keepers(饲养员)in the zoo tell them to be _ 三、完成句子 1/树袋熊很有趣,而且有点儿聪明。Koalas are funny/and_clever/ Dont _ the tigers/ They are 不要和***玩,它们很可怕。2/_/ 因为它们很有趣。? -3/-你为什么喜欢海豚 -_ do you _? -_they are very _/ There are _animals in 4/动物园里有各种各样的动物。the zoo/ 五、典例分析 如何提问原因状语从句 对划线部分提问 1/I like lions because they are

10、 very cute/ 2/He likes koalas because they are kind of interesting/ ,用来引导原因状语从句,”“因为为从属连词,意为分析:because 。why提问用 1/ Why do you like lions? 2/Why does he like koalas?答案: 表示for 介词why外,也可用 what /for/易错点分析:询问原因除用你为什么学英语?What do you learn English for ? 原因,如: I want some apples because I want to make apple

11、pies/练习: _do you want _apples? _do you want _apples _? 六、中考链接 1/( 2009 连云港)/1/ We didnt enjoy the picnic_there was a sudden rain/ A/ if B/ but C because D/ however 2/(2009 绵阳)2/ Elephants/ pandas and _ are animals/ A/ chicks B/ ducks C/ penguins D/ dolphins 答案:1/C2/C 七教后反思; Unit 3 Why do you like ko

12、alas? Section B 一、教师寄语:Failure is the mother of success/失败是成功之母。 二、学习目标:谈论自己喜欢的动物并陈述理由;问他人对动物的喜好以及理由; 三、教学重难点: 重点/ 1/ vocabulary/ ugly/ clever/ friendly shy/ dog 2/ Sentences/ What (other) animals do you like? I like elephants/ Because they are friendly/ 难点:1/The new description words 2/Use the lang

13、uage to describe the animals freely 四、教学过程: (一)预习导学 Step 1Free talk Greeting the studentsTalk about the animals learnt before/ 复习巩固上一课所学的动物词汇 (二)情境导入 Step 2 Revision Revise the words by asking/ Whats this? Where is it from? Do you like ? Why? Do you like ? act/ 复习上一课所学的基本句型,引出新课内容(描述动物的形容词及国家名称) (三)

14、自主探究 Step 3 Presentation 1/Teach the new words by pictures/ Write the new words on the black board 2/Do SB P10/ Part 1 in pairs/ 3/Check the answers 4/Listen to the tape and circle the description words in part 1 Listen again check the answers 学生学习新的词汇,并直接进行运用,便于掌握。 Step 4 Listening Listen to the ta

15、pe twice and fill in the chartListen again/ check the answers/ (四)合作交流 Step 5 Pair work SB/P10/ Part3 Get the students to read the dialogue/ Read in pairs/ Talk about some other animals the student know 在范文的基础上学生创造新的对话,围绕重点进行训练。 (五)达标测试 选择适当的词填空:why/ other/ friendly/ animals/ clever/ shy A/What _ do

16、 you like? B/ I like pandas/ A/_ do you like them? B/Because they are _ and cute/ A/What animals do you like? B/I like dolphins/ too/ Because they are_and _ to people/ Blackboard writing design/ (六)小结回扣 Step 6 Summary Summarize the important words and language points with the class/ 本节学习了4个形容词和两个句型,

17、学生通过本节课的学习基本能用所学知识描述和表达个人喜欢的动物。 Step 7 Homework 1/Learn the new words by heart 2/Make up a dialogue with the word learnt in this lesson/ 五、典型例题解析 1/Pandas are cute/ _they are kind of shy/ A /or B/ and C/ but D /then 解析:cute可爱的,shy 害羞的,两个词的关系是并列的。因此选用B。kind of 的意思是有点,对本题的答案选择不产生影响。 2/My uncle _(relax) 3 hours every day/ 解析:从every day 可知本题采用的是一般现在时,从主语my uncle可知谓语需用第三人称单数。因此答案为relaxes/ 六、中考连接 1/The teachers are _(friend) to their students/ 2/Yangyang lives in Beijing/ He likes_(play) soccer/ 答案:1/friendly 2/playing 七、课后反思 Talk in your group about what you have learned and what

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