2014届高考英语一轮复习 语法强化系列专题5 动词和动词短语精选导学案 北师大版
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动词和动词短语1The headmaster will_ a speech to the visiting foreign guests this afternoon/Adeliver Baddress Cannounce Ddeclare解析:句意:今天下午校长将要对来访的外宾发表讲话。deliver 发表;deliver a speech 发表演讲;address sb/对某人讲话,对某人发表演说;announce 宣布,通告;declare 宣告,声明。答案:A2He worked hard before the college entrance examination/ and it _/His dream to go to college came true/Ashowed off Bpaid offCput off Dtook off解析:句意:在高考前他努力学习,他的勤奋奏效了,他实现了上大学的梦想。pay off意为“(计划等)取得成功”,符合句意。show off“炫耀”;put off“推迟”;take off“脱掉;起飞”。答案:B3After a long journey across the whole country from north to south/ they found themselves as well as their clothes _/Apicked out Bcalled outCmade out Dworn out解析:考查动词短语。wear out既可指“衣服、鞋等的磨损”,又可指“人精疲力竭”。句意:经过漫长的从北向南的全国旅行之后,他们发现自己精疲力竭,连衣服都磨破了。pick out“挑选出”;call out“叫出来”;make out“识别出,辨认出”。答案:D4Internet shopping is really_ when people are sure of its safety/Ataking off Btaking up Csetting off Dsetting up解析:考查动词词组辨析。句意为:当人们确认了它的安全性之后,网络购物真的迅速流行起来。take off 表示“迅速流行”;take up 表示“从事,占据”;set off 表示“出发”;set up 表示“建造,建立”。根据语意选A项。答案:A5We have to _ the wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way/Aget away Bget acrossCget through Dget in解析:句意:暴风雨就要来了,我们得尽快地把麦子收起来。get in意为“收割;收获”,符合语意。get away“离开;去度假”;get across“使(某事)传播或为人理解”;get through“与某人(通过电话)联系”,均不符合语境。答案:D6I didnt like the soap opera at first,but when I started watching one,I immediately became _ it/Aaccustomed to Baddicted to Copposed to Dallergic to解析:考查动词词组辨析。句意为:我起初不喜欢肥皂剧,但看了一个后我马上就上瘾了。这里用become addicted to 表示“对上瘾/入迷”;become accustomed to 表示“习惯于”;become opposed to 表示“反对”;become allergic to 则表示“对过敏”。根据语意选B项。答案:B7The Dtrain accident has once again _ our awareness that safety should always come first in the process of development/Araised BspottedCclaimed Dplaced解析:考查动词辨析。语意表示“动车事故再次提高了我们的意识”,raise表示“提高”,符合语意。答案:A8Mrs Black told her children to _ for bones when they were eating fish/Alook on Blook intoClook up Dlook out解析:句意:布莱克太太告诉她的孩子们在吃鱼时要小心鱼刺。look out for意为“小心,当心”,故选D项。look into意为“往里面看;调查”;look up意为“抬头看;查找”;look on意为“旁观”。答案:D9Everyone in the village hoped that he would_ after a few days treatment/Apick up Bcome up Ckeep up Dmake up解析:句意为:村里的每一个人都希望他能在几天的治疗后康复。pick up 好转,恢复;come up 走上前来,发芽,发生;keep up 保持;make up 编造,弥补,化装,构成。答案:A10She is working hard all day long,which will surely_ her success in her future work/Aresult from Bcontribute to Cbenefit from Dstick to解析:考查动词词组辨析。语意表示“她整天努力工作,这肯定会有助于她未来工作的成功”。这里contribute to 表示“导致,有助于”;result from 表示“因发生”;benefit from表示“从中获益”;stick to 则表示“坚持”。根据句意,选B项。答案:B11Emergency line operators must always _ calm and make sure that they get all the information they need to send help/Agrow Bappear Cbecome Dstay解析:句意:急诊热线的接线员们必须一直保持冷静,并确保得到他们所需的所有信息以便派出救助。A项grow和C项become都表示“变化”,与always意义不符合;appear作系动词,表示“好像,似乎”之意,不符合题意。系动词stay意为“保持”,符合题意。答案:D12Some adverts/ like the environmental protection advertisements/ _ to our conscience or desire to be worthy citizens/Aadapt Bappeal Cadopt Dadjust解析:句意:一些广告,像环境保护的广告,能唤起我们成为值得尊敬的公民的良知或愿望。appeal to意为“唤起”,符合语意。adapt to和adjust to都意为“适应”;adopt意为“收养,***;采用”,均不符合语境。答案:B13The story of the homeless orphan has _ sympathy from the public/Aaroused Brisen Craised Darisen解析:句意:这个无家可归的孤儿的故事引起了公众的同情。arouse意为“引起,激起,唤醒”,符合语意。rise意为“上升,上涨”;raise意为“抬高,举起;饲养;提出;筹集”;arise意为“发生,产生”,均不符合语意,故排除。答案:A14The idea of travelling abroad really_ a lot of Chinese people/Thats why every year witnesses more people applying for passports/Atakes to Bcaters to Cattends to Dappeals to解析:本题考查动词短语。根据题中的后一句可知,出国旅游吸引了很多中国人,因此选择appeal to(吸引)。cater to迎合,满足某人的要求;attend to 照看,处理;take to 开始喜欢。答案:D15I admire her very much
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