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1、English writing 写作专题/latest news/2008浙江高考英语写作要求:写作部分第三节要求考生根据所给场景,写一篇100词到120词的短文,情景形式会有图画、图表、提纲等。/图表式作文/题型分析/图表式作文在试题中以表格/曲线图/柱状图/饼状图/扇形图等形式来呈现写作的内容/并配以简要的文字说明/旨在考察学生将相关的图表信息转化成具体的文字的能力/它直观展示各种相关的数据/资料/因此/只有看懂图表信息/才能注意到图表所反映出的共性或个性差异/变化规律等/如扇形图中的表示总量和个分量之间所占的百分比关系/曲线图中的突升和突降点等/并由此发现的问题/得出适当的结论/然后解释

2、变化原因/除此之外/很多作文还要求考生就图表反映的内容或现象发表自己的看法或感想//写作策略/1/图表作文的体裁和格式特点/由图表作文的内容和要求来看/它主要用来说明现实生活中某一现象或介绍/说明某一方面的情况/因此该类写作一般要求为说明文或议论文范畴/文章句子时态以一般现在时为主//2/2/图表作文的篇章结构特点/第一部分/( Opening)开门见山/简要概括图表信息所反映的规律/是增还是减/是一者变化还是多者变化/变化的幅度是大还是小等/在阐述变化规律时/要适当引用数据来说明和佐证图表所反映的问题和得出结论/如according to the figure/45% of the rura

3、l people//第二部分:( Body )分析或解释所反映的问题产生的原因为了使叙述具有条理性可用first /second/ 或firstly/secondly等来列举理由,同时为了使理由充分,还可用if /once/unless/though/even though等引导的各种状语从句或while/on the contrary 等表示正反对比的短语/第三部分:( Ending )最后总结归纳或发表评论或感想,通常廖廖几句即可,切忌过长/Observe the line chart and tell us your understanding of it//the subject th

4、e meaning of the numbers /An example/An example/change/图表作文常用的短语和句型/,引入话题/(1)chart / diagram/ table/ figure/ data (2) As is illustrated/ described in the chart/figure正如图表所述描写的那样 It can be seen from the graph/table that从图表中可看出 According to the data of the table按照图表 From the chart we can see that从表中我们

5、可知 In terms of 从角度来说 For example/ for instance 列如 It is obvious that/obviously/显而易见/Observe the chart carefully and describe the main trend//An example/Decrease/increase/基本句型/项目+动词+副词+时间 Chinese learners in Japan increased dramatically since June 1995/ There be a + adj/ + 趋势 + 时间 There was a dramati

6、c increase since Jun/ 1995/ 时间 + shows / sees / witnesses /_ _ + 各种趋势 (increase/ decrease/ etc) June 1995 witnessed a dramatic turning point of the No/ of Chinese learners in Japan//unfolds// indicates / reveals / reflects/Increase(上升)/slight / small / _increase large / huge / sudden / _ _ increase

7、gradual / steady increase reach a peak / the top of The biggest change occurred in the period when/minor / insignificant/considerable// significant/Decrease / decline(下降)/_ decrease(小的/轻微的) _ decrease(大的) _ decrease reach the _ of/slight / minor / small / insignificant/considerable / large / huge /

8、sudden/gradual / steady/bottom / floor// significant/Fluctuation (波动)/vary / range / stay between 数字A and 数字B vary / range / stay from 数字A to 数字B/Same (相同点)/In 时间,A enjoys/suffers the same 趋势 as Before June 1995 the change of the number of students learning Chinese in Japan suffered the same decreas

9、e as it did in France//Little difference/A and B are similar in that The numbers of students learning Chinese in Japan and in France were similar in that they both decreased before June 1995/ A similar pattern is also recorded / discovered for A similar pattern is also recorded in Japan for the firs

10、t half of 1995//Large difference/There is a significant difference between In contrast/ almost the opposite occurred with 先描述A/ which is the opposite to/Whats the cause of the number of students learning Chinese in Japan and in France?/An example/Many reasons may account for the new trend/ Firstly//

11、 secondly// Thirdly/2/描述变化的原因/表示顺序:first/ second / finally 表示递进:whats more/ besides/ whats worse/ in addition to / furthermore/ to make things/ it worse/ whats worse 表示增减:rise/ increase/ decrease/ reduceby/to/ increase by/to 表示解释:account for 表示对比:compared with/ contrary to/ on the contrary/ in contr

12、ast with/ while/3/总结或评论/Generally speaking/ in a word/ in conclusion/ in short/ It can be concluded that//Exercise/最近对班上同学进行了题为“影响你选择音乐的因素是什么”的调查,其结果如下。现在请用英语为班级黑板报写一份简单的调查结果说明,并针对图表中的任何一个数据所反映的情况谈谈你的看法。/Opening/introduce the chart Recently I have carried out a survey among the students of our class

13、/ The survey was conducted to find out what influences the music we listen to//Observe the chart carefully and design your description//Body/Begin with/ The chart shows that As can be seen from the chart According to the chart As is shown / mirrored in the chart/_/ TV and films _ _/ 50 per cent of t

14、he students _ _/ About 30 per cent of the students say _ _/ Radio comes third/ with _ _/ Parents seem to _ _/ Only 10 per cent of the students say they listen to what their parents recommend//According to the survey/the strongest effect on teenagers choice of/the opinion/they are influenced by frien

15、ds/20 percent of the students/have very little/have/music/sharing/when deciding what to listen to/choosing it/influence/_/ half of the students suggest _ _/ Another 30% add that _ _/ According to 20% of the students surveyed/ radio is another perfect source of good music/ Only 10% actually mention t

16、hat _ _//As can be seen from the survey/that TV and films act as/friends recommendations/theyd ask for/good references to them when choosing music/also cast strong influences/parents advice if they want to find a piece of/music to listen to/_/ _ _ claim that TV and films have the greatest influence

17、on the music they listen to and _/ _ ranking second/ _ 30 per cent/ Following _/ it was radio/ which influence 20 percent of the students on the option of music while _ _ that it is their parents who influence them most on their choice of music//10 per cent of the students report/the influence of fr

18、iends/takes up/the influence of/50 percent of/As is shown in the bar chart/the surveyed students/friends/only/Ending/In summary Overall/ the chart demonstrates that in As can be concluded / predicted / projected It is obvious / apparent from the graph that One of the most surprising finding is that

19、/_/ one of the major reasons why TV and films influence our choice of music so much is that _ _/ Good film music/ as is often the case/ can accompany a persons entire life//In my opinion/the music in the/film usually goes with beautiful pictures/or expresses certain feelings of heroes/_/ Im pretty amazed at _/ For me/ I am forever willing to hear my moms opinion on the kind of music I listen to/ for I believe/ _ _//Honestly speaking/how minor the part parents play in guiding/with broadened/students towards finding a

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