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浙江省富阳市郁达夫中学2014届九年级英语下学期开学考试试题( ) 3/ What does the man usually do on Sunday afternoon? A/ Goes to church/ B/ Works in the garden/ C/ Reads newspaper/( ) 4/ Why isnt the man wearing a jacket?A/ He forgot to bring it/ B/ He doesnt have a jacket at all/C/ He didnt know it would be cold/( ) 5/ How does the man look? A/ Very tired/ B/ Very well/ C/ Very excited/二、听较长对话,回答问题(共6小题,计12分)听下面一段对话,回答第6和第8三个小题。每段对话读两遍。( ) 6/What did the doctor say about the man?A/ The man was unhealthy/ B/ The man needed to lose weight/C/ The man should stay in bed for a week/( )7What did the man want to eat for supper?A/ Some rich food/ B/ Some food low in fat/ C/ Something unusual/( ) 8/ What did the woman think her husband should do?A/ He should see the doctor again/ B/ He should go out for supper/C/ He should stop eating rich food/听下面一段对话,回答第9至第11三个小题。每段对话读两遍。( )9/ Where is the man speaker from?A/ China/ B/ England/ C/ America/( )10/ What does the man speaker think of the woman speakers English?A/ He thinks her English is very poor/ B/ He thinks her English is very good/C/ He thinks she should improve her English/( )11/Whats the most probable relationship between the two speakers?A/ Friends/ B/ Father and daughter/ C/ Brother and sister/三、听独白,回答第12至第15四个小题。独白连读两遍。(共4小题,计8分)( )12What does the boy mainly talk about?A/ Words and letters/ B/ How to lean English word/ C/ The important meaning of the “Chinese”/( )13/ How many letters does the boy explain?A/ 5/ B/ 6/ C/ 7/( )14/ What does the boy think of the Chinese?A /Noble and hardworking/ B/ Brave and elegant/ C/ Intelligent and noble/( )15/ Can you guess what the letter left stands for?A/ Smart/ B/ Clever/ C/ Excellent/II/ 笔试部分 (95分)四、单项填空(共15小题,计15分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。( ) 16/ The underlined part in the word “oranges” is pronounced as _/A/ / z / B/ / s / B/ /Is / D/ / Iz /( ) 17/ Rose/ you leave your school things on the floor like this/ Keep your room clean and tidy/A/ may notB/ mustntC/ needntD/ wouldnt( )18/ The exercise is _ difficult _/ A/ so/ that few of us can do B/ so/ that few of us can do it C/ too/ for anyone of us to do D/ too/ for anyone of us to do it( )19/ A medicine may help with your illness/ but it may make you / so you must be careful not to drive a car after taking such a medicine/A/ healthyB/ strange C/ tiredD/ excited( )20/ / I _ football very well/ but I havent had time to play since last term/ A/ played B/ play C/ have played D/ will play( )21/ - Which city has _ population/ Shanghai/ Hangzhou or Ningbo? -Shanghai/ of course/ A/ the smallest B/ the least C/ the most D/ the largest( )22/ In the piano concert/ my brother didnt play well and I did _/A/ very well B/ much better C/ so well D/ even worse( )23/ she likes chatting/ she is careful about making friends with strangers online/A/ In order thatB/ Even though C/ UnlessD/ If ( )24/The town government set up a modern hospital for the farmers/ _ it?A/ does B/ doesnt C/ did D/ didnt( )25/ The only thing _ matters is not whether you fail or not/ but whether you try or not/ A/ what B/ that C/ which D/ it( ) 26/ Do you know _? Its about fifteen minutes walk/A/ how far is the post office B/ which is the way to the post officeC/ how long did you reach the post office D/ how far it is to the post office from here( ) 27/Have you finished your homework yet? No/ Ill finish it in _ ten minutes/A/ more B/ other C/ another D/ else( ) 28/ How much of his speech do you think you have understood?_/ I wish I had worked harder/A/ Quite a few B/ Very few C/ Next to nothing D/ Quite a lot( ) 29/ Well have a picnic in the park this Sunday _ it rains or its very cold/ A/ since B/ if C/ until D/ unless( ) 30/ Could you help me to take these books to the teachers office?_/A/ With pleasure B/ Thats very kind of youC/ Good idea D/ Yes/ thats right五、完形填空(共15小题,计15分)通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后在各题所给的四个选项(ABCD)中选出一个最佳选项。I am a mother of three and have recently completed my college degree/ The last class I had to take was Sociology/ The teacher was really inspiring/ The class was asked to go out and smile at three people/I am a very 31 person and thought this would be a piece of cake/ Soon after/ my husband/ youngest son/ and I went out to McDonalds/ We were standing in line/ waiting to be 32 / when all of a sudden everyone around us began to 33 away/ and then even my husband did/As I turned around I 34 a terrible “dirty body” smell/ and there standing behind me were two poor 35 men/ As I looked down at the short gentleman/ he was “ 36 ”/ His beautiful sky blue eyes were full of Gods Light as he searched for 37 / He said/ “Good day” as he counted the few coins he had been 38 /The young lady at the counter asked him what they wanted/ He said/ “Coffee is all Miss” because that was all they could 39 / He just wanted to be warm/Then I really 40 itthe compulsion(冲动)was so great that I almost reached out and hugged the little man with the blue eyes/That is when I noticed all eyes in the restaurant were set on me/ judging(判断) my every action/ I smiled and asked the young lady behind the counter to give me two more breakfast meals on a 41 tray(托盘)/I then walked around the corner to the 42 that the men had chosen as a resting spot/ I put the tray on the table and laid my hand on the blue-eyed gentlemans 43 hand/ He looked up at me/ with 44 in his eyes/ and said/ “Thank you/”I 45 with one of the biggest lessons I would ever learn/ acceptance without condition/( ) 31/ A/ friendlyB/ healthyC/ proudD/ willing( ) 32/ A/ treatedB/ servedC/ welcomedD/ greeted( ) 33/ A/ giveB/ putC/ moveD/ throw( ) 34/ A/ soundedB/ tastedC/ feltD/ smelled( ) 35/ A/ happyB/ carelessC/ homelessD/ pleasant( ) 36/ A/ smilingB/ cryingC/ thinkingD/ nodding( ) 37/ A/ helpB/ acceptance(接受)C/ money D/ pocket( ) 38/ A/ savingB/ hopingC/ holdingD/ counting( ) 39/ A/ saveB/ shareC/ affordD/ drink( ) 40/ A/ feltB/ madeC/ gotD/ took( ) 41/ A/ differentB/ cleanC/ expensiveD/ clean( ) 42/ A/ cornerB/ doorC/ kitchenD/ table( ) 43/ A/ warmB/ cleanC/ dirtyD/ cold( ) 44/ A/ fearB/ tearsC/ hopeD/ desire( ) 45/ A/ beganB/ metC/ graduatedD/ filled六、阅读理解(共15小题,计30分。)第一节:阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中选出最佳选项。A We know that many animals do not stay in one place/ Birds/ fish and other animals move from one place to another at a certain time/ They move for different reasons/ most of them move to find food more easily/ but others move to get away from places that are too crowded/When cold weather comes/ many birds move to warmer places to find food/ Some fishes give birth in warm water and move to cold water to feed/ The most famous migration (迁移) is probably the migration of fish/ which is called “salmon”/ This fish is born in fresh water but it travels many miles to salt water/ There it spends its life/ When it is old/ it returns to its birthplace in fresh water/ Then it gives birth and dies/ In northern Europe/ there is a kind of mouse/ They leave their mountain homes when they become too crowded/ They move down to the low land/ Sometimes they move all the way to the seaside/ and many of them are killed when they fall into the sea/Recently (近来)/ scientists have studied the migration of a kind of lobster (龙虾)/ Every year/ when the season of the bad weather arrives/ the lobsters get into a long line and start to walk across the floor of the ocean/ Nobody knows why they do this/ and nobody knows where they go/So/ sometimes we know why humans and animals move from one place to another/ but at other times we dont/ Maybe living things just like to travel/( ) 46/ Most animals move from one place to another at a certain time to _/ A/give birth B/ enjoy warmer weather C/ find food more easily D/ find beautiful places( ) 47/ The fish called “salmon” spends a long time in _/ A/ salt water B/ rivers C/ fresh water D/ its birthplace( ) 48/ The mice in northern Europe move when _/ A/ they give birth B/ the place gets too crowded C/ the weather is bad D/ they havent enough food( ) 49 / The lobsters move _/ A/ to the fresh water B/ at a certain time C/ to the undersea D/ to find more food( ) 50/ What is the main idea of the passage? A/Animals move to find food more easily/ B/The migration of the fish called “salmon” is the most famous migration/ C/Living things move from one place to another because they like to travel/ D/ Sometimes we know the migration of living things/ but sometimes we dont/BOld age may not sound exciting/ But recent findings offer good news for older people and for people worried about getting older/ Researchers found that people become happier and experience less worry after they reach the age of 50/ In fact/ they say by the age of 85/ people are happier with their life than they were when they were 18 years old/The findings came from a survey of more than 340/000 adults in the United States/ The Gallup Organization questioned them by telephone in 2008/ At that time/ the people were between the ages of 18 and 85/ The researchers asked questions about emotions(情绪) like happiness/ sadness and worry/ They also asked about mental or emotional stress/Arthur Stone in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Stony Brook University in New York led the study/ His team found that levels of stress were highest among adults between the ages of 24 and 25/ The findings showed that stress levels dropped sharply after people reached their fifties/The study also showed that men and women have similar feeling patterns(样式) as they grow older/ However/ women at all ages reported more sadness/ stress and worry than men/Researchers say they do not know why happiness increases as people get older/ One theory(理论) is that/ as people grow older/ they grow more thankful for what they have and have better control of their feelings/ They so spend less time thinking about bad experiences/Professor Stone says the emotional patterns could be linked(与有关联) to changes in how people see the world/ or maybe even changes in brain chemistry/The researchers also considered possible influences like having young children/ being unemployed or being single/ But they found that influences like these did not affect the levels of happiness and well-being related to age/( )51/ According to the survey of the Gallup Organization people are most likely to become happier /A/ when they are between the ages of 18 and 85 B/ when they come to their old ageC/ when they are in their twenties D/ when they are 18 years old( )52/ You may have the highest level of stress when you are at the age of /A/ 20B/ 25C/ 35D/ 40( )53/ According to Arthur Stone/ old people may /A/ have a positive attitude towards their life B/ know how to spend money wiselyC/ dream about good things every day D/ control their behaviors better( )54/ Who would probably show the greatest interest in the passage?A/ Those who are worried about getting old B/ Those who are single and unemployedC/ Those who feel unhappy all the time D/ Those who suffer from mental stress( )55/ What would be the best title for the passage?A/ Getting Older Means Getting Happier B/ The Young Are Happier Than the OldC/ Women Are Easier to Be Happy in Life D/ The Younger/ the Happier第二节:请仔细阅读5660题中关于Mary/ Stella/ Oliver/ Amelia和Felix的兴趣爱好,从A-F中选出分别适合他们的电影。(每部电影只能被选一次。备选项中有一项是多余的。)56/Mary loves love stories with happy endings/ She hates science fictions and thrillers/Stella wants to see an action movie with her friends/ 5757/58/Oliver likes watching all types of movies but today hed like to see a comedy/Amelia is going to be ten next week and her parents want to take her to the cinema for her birthday/ 59/ 60/ Felix likes science fictions but cant stand watching gun fights (***战)/A/ Rangers The story happens in Mexico in the year 3000/ It has an exciting storyline and even better special effects (效果)/ Movie of the monthdont miss it! B/ Yesterday Wonderful movie set in Venice/ by the famous director John Woodall/ A young couple are in love and want to get married/ The problem is/ their parents arent happy Great music and beautiful photography/ C/ High School Days Three teenage boys meet at Stafford high School/ They decide to start a band together and thats when the fun really starts Funny/ with an interesting story/ D/ Freddy A boy discovers he has magic powers/ but what happens when he visits his grandparents? Fun for all the family/ E/ Busters Jacky Chan stars in this movie/ Lots of guns and lots of car chases/ If you want excitement/ watch this! Dont watch it if you hate to see blood (血) / F/ Oregon Adventure Set in the early 19th century/ this is a story about a long journey west across the United States and the problems the pioneer (拓荒者) had on the way/ Both funny and sad/ If you like westerns/ this is the film for you/ Dont miss it! Very good Good OK Stay at home!七、词语填空(共10小题,计10分) 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空, 使短文通顺、正确、连贯(每个单词限用一次)。on next remember safe make study notice before other thiefBeing safe at school and in your everyday life needs knowledge/ If you remember the following information/ your life will be much 61 / First/ if you are in a strange place/ you should 62 the environment around you/ You shouldnt walk alone outside/ 63 sure where the public phones are/ School bags should be carried towards the front of your body instead of putting them 64 your back/ When buses are crowded / it is easy enough for 65 to steal the things in your bags on your back/ If you are followed by a stranger/ cross the street and go in the 66 direction/ let the stranger know that you know he or she is there/ 67 / go and get help from others if it is necessary/ 68 not to go home directly/ If you have to take a bus to a place far away/ try to get to the stop a few minutes 69 the buses leave/ This prevents a stranger from 70 you/ On buses/ dont sit alone/ sit behind the driver or with friends/ Dont sleep/、单词拼写(共10小题,计10分)根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母,在答题纸上按题号写出各单词的完全形式(每空限填一词)。71There are so many people over there/ I dont know what has h_/72/ The old man o_ me a cup of tea when I got to his home to visit him/73/ I work hard at English/ However/ my English r_ poor/ 74/ I have been to five foreign countries/ i_ Thailand/75/ I want to go to the mall to buy some w_ paper/ 76/ I like music that is q_ and soft/77/ It was my grandmas n_ birthday yesterday/ She got many gifts/ 78/ I have made the cake s_ for you/ I hope you will like it/ 79/ My father is a teacher and he has t_ English in this school for 25 years/80/ It gives me great p_ to introduce our speaker this evening/八/ 目前中学生早餐问题引起社会关注,你所在学校的学生会在5月20日“全国学生营养日”开展问卷调查,其结果令人担忧。请你根据调查结果写一篇短文,并谈谈你对早餐的观点。(%= percent)学生比例早餐情况健康状况55%有规律地吃早餐 regulary身体健康,精力充沛40%吃垃圾食品营养不均衡5%没有吃早餐感到饥饿,上课无法认真听讲,容易生病Breakfast is important/ But not all the students have realized its importance/ Heres the result of our survey/ _听力材料一、听短对话,回答问题。听下面5段小对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试题的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有10秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。1/ W/ Hi/ Mike/ could you give me a ride? I want to buy some food for the picnic/ M/ OK/ Im going home but I can drop you off at the supermarket/2/ W/ Your classmate Tom is great/ He was first in the national m
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