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1、人教版小学五年级英语下学期期末复习归纳 一 语法篇 When do you eat dinner? 你几点吃晚餐?I eat dinner at 7/00 in the evening/ When do you eat lunch? I eat lunch at 12/00 noon/ 1 介词篇 in on at for in spring summer fall winter My birthday is in May 它是在五月份 in the morning 在早上 in the afternoon 在下午 in the evening 在晚上 在傍晚 on on the weeken

2、ds 在周末 on Tuesdays 在周二 at at 9:00 a。m。 at noon 在中午 at night 在夜里 at zoo 在动物园 在学校at school for 为 (目的) mom,there is a call for you/ 妈妈这里有个电话找你 What do you have for lunch on Mondays? 你周一中餐吃什么? about 关于 What about you? 你呢? 2 最后三个字母 1辅1元1辅 双写 + ing swimming 游泳 running 跑步 sitting 坐着 3 an + a e i o u write

3、an E-mail 写邮件 do an experiment 做实验 二 词汇篇 4 反义词篇 a/m/ 上午 00/00-12/00 p/m/ 下午 12/01-23/59 why 为什么 because 因为 she 她 he 他 三月Her birthday is in Mar/ 她的her his 他的 His birthday is in May 五月 her 她宾语 I like her 我喜欢她 him 他宾语 I like him 我喜欢他 get up 起*** sleep 睡觉 over there 在那里 it is here 在这里 speak to 和***说话 hold

4、on 电话别挂 This is 这是 That is 那是 5 近义词篇 usually 一般,常常 80% often 经常 60% sometimes 有时 20% play with snow 玩雪 make a snowman 做雪人 6 单词差异篇 with with 用 The elephant is drinking with the trunk/大象用象鼻喝水 ***和狮子打架。The tiger is fighting with the lion/ 和with do do housework 做家务 do the dishes 洗碗碟 do homework 做作业 do an

5、 experiment 做实验 do morning exercise 做早操 have/ has have a picnic 吃野餐 have a look 看看 have breakfast 吃早饭 have lunch 吃中饭 have dinner 吃晚饭 play play chess 玩棋 play sports 做运动 play the piano 弹钢琴 play with snow 玩雪 go go hiking 去远足 go shopping 去购物 go to school 去学校 去动物园go to zoo 7 发音容易混淆篇 is am are swinging 正在

6、 秋千 is am are swimming 正在游泳 8 考试图片容易混淆篇 answer answer the question 回答问题 answer the telephone 接电话 is am are fighting with lion 正在和狮子打架 is am are jumping 正在跳 is am are drinking water 正在喝水 is am are eating meat 正在吃肉 is am are climbing mountain 正在爬山 is am are flying in the sky 正在天上飞 is am are walking 正在

7、走路 is am are running 正在跑步 观察昆虫 watch insects 数数昆虫 count insects 收集叶子 collect leaves 捡起叶子 pick up leaves 抓蝴蝶 catch butterfly 拍照片 take picture 字母差异篇9 k skate 滑冰 fly kites 放风筝 f five 5 fifth 第五 fifteen 15 fifty 50 fall 秋天 M March 三月 May 五月 三 数词篇 数词篇 要求掌握黑体 其余理解 What the date? It is March 21st。三月 21号 21

8、st twenty-first It is March 22nd 三月 22号 22nd twenty-second It is May 23rd 五月 23号 23rd twenty-third What is the time? It is 15:50/ It is fifteen fifty。 第_ 第_ 1st first One 一 11th eleventh eleven 十一 2nd second two 二 12th twelfth twelve 十二 3rd third three 三 13th thirteenth thirteen 十三 四14th fourteenth

9、fourteen 四4th fourth four 5th fifth five 五 15th fifteenth fifteen 十五 6th sixth six 六 16th sixteenth sixteen 十六 7th seventh seven 七 17th seventeenth seventeen 十七 8th eighth eight 八 18th eighteenth eighteen 十八 9th ninth nine 九 19th nineteenth nineteen 十九 10th tenth ten 十 20th twentieth twenty 二十 30 th

10、 thirtieth thirty 三十 40th fortieth forty 四十 50th fiftieth fifty 五十 60th sixtieth sixty 六十 70th seventieth seventy 七十 80th eightieth eighty 八十 90th ninetieth ninety 九十 100th one-hundred 一百 四 句型篇 What the date? It is March 21st。 What is the time? It is 15:50。It is fifteen fifty。 What day is it today?

11、it is Tuesday。周二/ Thursday。周四 10 一般疑问句: 直接 + Do 变问句 Do + you你,你们/ we我们/they 他们/复数名词 变问句 变问句 单数名词/ 它/ it她/ he 他Does+ she 变问句+ Does 1、Does she/he teach English? 她(他)教英语吗? Yes/ she/he does/ 是的,她(他)是。 No/ she/he doesnt/ 不,她(他)不是。 Do you like piano? Yes,I do/ No/ I dont/ 11 Is am are can would 等等 直接 放前变问

12、句 2、 Can you make a snowman? 你会堆雪人吗? Yes/ I can/ 是的,我会。 No/ I cant/ 不,我不会。 3、 Is there a forest in the park? 公园里有一个森林吗? Yes/ there is/ isnt/ 4、 Are there any pandas in the mountains? 山里有一些熊猫吗? Yes/ there are/ arent/ 2、Is she quiet? 她文静吗? No/ she isnt/ Shes very active/ 不,她不。她很活跃。 5、Is her birthday i

13、n June? 她的生日在六月吗? Yes/ it is/ 是的。No/ it isnt/ / No/ its not/ 不,不是的。 Is this your T-shirt? 这是你的T恤衫吗? Yes/ it is/ No/ it isnt/ / No/ its not/ 不,不是的。 6、 Are they ducks? 它们是鸭子吗? Are they eating the honey? 它们吃蜂蜜吗? Yes/ they are/ 是的,它们是。 No/ they arent/ 不,它们不 是。 7、 Are you eating lunch? 你(们)正在吃午餐吗? Yes/ I

14、 am/ / Yes/ we are/ 是的,我( 我们) 正在吃。 No/ I am not/ / No/ we arent/ 不,我没有在吃。/ 不,我们没有在吃。 8、 Is he playing chess? 他正在下棋吗? Yes/ he is/ 是的,他是。 No/ he isnt/ 不,他没有。 W / H When_? 什么时间? Where_? 什么地点? What _? 什么东西? Which_? 哪一个? How _? 怎么样? 11、谈论时间: What time is it? 几点钟? Its two oclock/ 两点钟。 Whats the date?几月几日?

15、 Its May 9th/ 五月九日/ May 9th/ What day is it today? 今天星期几? Its Wednesday/ 星期三。 四年级内容 When do you eat dinner? 你几点吃晚餐? I eat dinner at 7/00 in the evening/ 我晚上7点钟吃晚餐。 When do you eat lunch? 你几点吃中饭? I usually eat dinner at 12/00 noon/ 我一般吃中饭在中午12点钟。 When is your birthday? 你的生日是什么时候? My birthday is in Ma

16、y/ 我的生日 Its in May/ 在五月 May 五月 14、谈论价格: 四年级内容 How much is it? 这个多少钱? Its ten Yuan/ 十元。 How much are they? 它们多少钱? Theyre three Yuan/ 它们三元。 15、谈论数量: 四年级内容 How many horses are there? 那有多少匹马? Twelve// There are twelve 有 十二匹 16、谈论人物: 五年级上册内容 Whos your English teacher? 你的英语老师是谁? Mr/ Carter/ 卡特先生。 Whats he

17、 like? 他长什么样? Hes tall and strong/ 他又高又强壮。 How old are you? 你几岁? I am fifteen 我十五岁了 17、谈论喜好: 你最喜欢的季节是什么?s your favorite season? What I like fall/ / My favorite fruit is fall/ It is windy and cool/ 它凉爽又多风。 Which season do you like best? 你最喜欢哪个季节? I like fall best/ 我最喜欢冬天。 Why do you like summer? 你为什么

18、喜欢夏天? Because I can swim in the lake/ 因为我可以在湖里游泳。 Why do you like winter? 你为什么喜欢冬天? Because I can sleep a long time/ 因为我可以睡很长的时间。 18、谈论事情: What are they doing? 他们在做什么? Theyre/ are climbing trees/ 他们在爬树。 What is it doing? 它在做什么? Its eating bananas/它正在吃香蕉 What is she doing? 她在做什么? Shes jumping/她在跳。 Wh

19、at are you doing? 你正在做什么? Im doing an experiment/ 我正在做实验。 Grandmas writing an e-mail in the study/ 奶奶正在书房里写一封电子邮件。 Grandpa is writing a letter/ 爷爷正在写信。 Brother is doing homework/ 兄弟正在做作业。 妈妈正厨房里烧饭。Mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen/ 五年级上册内容 What do you do on the weekend? 你周末做什么? Usually I watch TV

20、 and go shopping/ 一般我看电视和去购物。 I often play football/ 我经常去踢足球。 Sometimes I visit my grandparents/ 有时候我去拜访我的祖父母。 What do you have on Thursdays? 星期四你们有什么课? We have English/ math and science on Thursdays/ 星期四我们有英语,数学和科学 What do you do on Saturdays? 星期六你做什么? I watch TV on Saturdays/ 星期六我看电视。 What about y

21、ou? 你呢? I do my homework/ 我做我的家庭作业。 What do you have for lunch on Mondays? 星期一你中餐吃什么? We have tomatoes/ tofu and fish/ 我们吃西红柿,豆腐和鱼。 What can you do? 你能做什么? I can water the flowers/ 我会浇花。 19、谈论心情,身体状况: How are you/?你怎么样? I am fine,thank you/ 我很好,谢谢。 每个人都怎么样? )?doing(How is everyone Everyone is fine,t

22、hank you/ 23、谈论天气: Whats the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样? Its warm today/ 今天很暖和。( Its cool/ 今天很凉爽。) 五 附加 四年级语法 主语 + 动词( s / es ) 篇 She he it 单数名词 紧接着 遇上 动词时候,动词+ s 例如 likes do + es 变does Miss Wang likes giraffe Miss Wang 喜欢长颈鹿 It likes giraffe 它喜欢长颈鹿 She does an experiment about giraffe 她/他 做了个实验有关于

23、长颈鹿。 He does an experiment about giraffe 她/他 做了个实验有关于长颈鹿。 其余的 I you we they 复数名词 紧接着 遇上动词 动词不变 The girls like giraffe/ 女孩子们喜欢长颈鹿。 I/ you/ we/ they like giraffe/ 我/你/我们/他们喜欢长颈鹿。 五年级下册 四会单词归类 介词 at at 7:00 a/m/(在点钟) at noon(中午)at night (在晚 上) In in the morning (在早上) in the afternoon (在下午) in the eveni

24、ng/ at night(在晚上) on on the weekend(周末) for what do you eat for breakfast?你早餐吃什么? About 关于 What about you? 你呢? 动词 Unit 1:swim(游泳) fly kites(放风筝) skate(滑冰;滑冰鞋) Unit 2:sleep(睡觉) Unit 5:fly(飞) jump(跳) walk(走) run(跑) swim(游泳)sleep(睡觉) climb(往上爬)fight(打架)swing(荡;荡秋千) drink(喝) eat/ have/ has 吃 词组 Unit 1:

25、get up(起***)do morning exercises(晨练) eat breakfast(吃早饭) (进行体育运动)play sports(上英语课)have English class eat dinner(吃晚饭climb mountains(爬山)go shopping(购物) play the piano(弹钢琴) visit grandparents(看望祖父母) go hiking(去远足) Unit 2: Swim in the lake(在湖里游泳) fly kites(放风筝) skate(滑冰;滑冰鞋) make a snowman(堆雪人)plant trees(种树) sleep a long time(睡 长 觉) Unit 4: draw pictures(画画)cook dinner(做饭) read a book(看书)answer the phone(接电话) listen to music(听音乐) clean the room(打扫房间) write a letter(写信) write an e-mail(写电子邮件) Unit 5: drink water(喝水) U

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