浙江省建德市大同第二初级中学中考英语 测试篇3233 外研版
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浙江省建德市大同第二初级中学2013年中考英语 测试篇32-33(无答案) 外研版(时间:45分钟满分:100分)5A(2012湖州)Fred and Ted were not very smart/They were always getting things 1 /The only work they could get was digging holes and painting/They were easy jobs 2 Fred and Ted still made mistakes/They dug holes in the wrong places,or painted things with the wrong 3 /Once they painted a floor and then walked on it while the paint was still 4 /One day their boss asked them to paint a flagpole(旗杆) outside the office building/“This shouldnt be too 5 for them to do,”their boss thought/“All they 6 are paint and brushes/”Their boss told them 7 the paint and brushes were and then he went away/An hour later he came back/Fred and Ted were not painting the flagpole/They didnt even 8 the paint and brushes/Fred was standing 9 the flagpole and Ted was standing on his shoulders/ trying to reach the 10 of it with a ruler/“What are you two men doing?”their boss asked/“We have to find out how much 11 we need,”Ted said/“So were measuring(测量)the flagpole/”“Thats not the 12 to do it,”their boss said/“ 13 the flagpole out of the ground,and place it down/”“Ha!”Fred said/“ 14 not stupid/We cant measure how high it is that way/We can only measure 15 it is/”()1/A/rightB/wrongC/wellD/differently()2/A/andB/soC/orD/but()3/A/shapeB/sizeC/colorD/height()4/A/wetB/hotC/dryD/cold()5/A/dangerousB/difficultC/easyD/interesting()6/A/loseB/likeC/needD/take()7/A/whatB/whereC/whenD/how()8/A/buyB/makeC/haveD/see()9/A/inB/onC/throughD/against()10/A/footB/backC/middleD/top()11/A/paintB/timeC/waterD/money()12/A/ideaB/place C/wayD/reason()13/A/PullB/PutC/CutD/Carry()14/A/HesB/WereC/Theyre D/Youre()15/A/how far B/how tallC/how deep D/how longB(2012义乌)Her small hand seemed lost in Grandmas as they walked along the road leading back home/“Shall we rest for a 1 ?Its too hot!”the young girl said/“Lets 2 over there under the tree/”Grandma said/Resting under the tree,they 3 a butterfly (蝴蝶)nearby/“Do butterflies feel hot?” she asked/Grandma thought for a while and said,“I think they keep very 4 /”“I wish I were a butterfly,”the child said/Then she began to flap(拍动)her 5 /“But that takes a lot of work!”“You wish for a lot of things,child,”Grandma said/“Yes,I do,”she said/“I wish I had 6 I wanted/”“Do you get all you wish for all the time?”Grandma asked/“No,I wish for a lot 7 nothing happens,”she said/“How I wish that Johnny/Jeffries would stay home 8 school!” “What happened to him?” Grandma asked/“Ah,his grandma died”she stopped suddenly and 9 her grandma when her eyes were 10 with tears/“Grandma,”she tried to finish/“I wish that you would never/”Grandma held her/She never said a word _ 11 the young girl stopped/Then Grandma said with a beautiful smile,“Dear,sometimes in our life 12 dont come true,but it doesnt mean life isnt wonderful/ If you want something,work for it and wish for it/”“Then 13 do I work to keep you around forever?” the young child asked/“Keep loving me,and dont waste time wishing/” They hugged(拥抱) 14 again and continued on the road towards home/Life is a 15 that always leads home/Love it and work for it/()1/A/weekB/timeC/whileD/day()2/A/lieB/sitC/sleepD/wait()3/A/noticedB/heardC/smeltD/felt()4/A/hot B/cold C/cool D/warm()5/A/legs B/feet C/hands D/arms()6/A/everything B/everyoneC/something D/someone()7/A/and B/but C/so D/or()8/A/at B/from C/on D/near()9/A/looked for B/looked afterC/looked over D/looked at()10/A/angryB/busyC/filledD/strict()11/A/untilB afterC/whenD/because()12/A/words B/days C/wishes D/lives()13/A/what B/when C/where D/how()14/A/the otherB/each otherC/the others D/each one()15/A/road B/way C/river D/busC(2012宁波)A little boy named Harry became very ill/He had to lie in bed all day,unable to move/He spent his days feeling 1 and blue/There wasnt much he could do except look out of the 2 /Time passed,and his illness frustrated him/Until one day he saw a strange 3 in the window/It was a penguin eating a sausage sandwich/The penguin got in 4 the open window,and said “good afternoon”to Harry,turned around,and 5 quickly/Of course,Harry was very 6 /He was still trying to work out what had happened/Outside his window he saw a monkey was busy blowing up a balloon/At first Harry asked himself 7 that could possibly be,but after a while,as more and more crazylooking 8 appeared outside the window,he couldnt help 9 and found it hard to stop/An elephant jumped on a stone,or a dog wore a pair of glasses and acted in a 10 way/The little boy didnt tell anyone about this/Those strange characters ended up putting joy back in his heart,and in his body/Before long,his health had 11 so much that he was able to go back to school again/There he told his classmates all that he had 12 / While he was talking to his best friend,he saw 13 coming out of his friends schoolbag/Harry asked his friend what it was,and he was so insistent(坚持的)that 14 his friend had to show him what was in the schoolbag/There,inside,were all the things that his best friend had been using to try to 15 the little boy!And from that day on,Harry always did his best to make sure that no one felt sad and alone/()1/A/happyB/sadC/excitedD/cool()2/A/roof B/hole C/window D/wall()3/A/photo B/paintingC/sign D/shape()4/A/above B/below C/over D/through()5/A/left B/slept C/flew D/drove()6/A/annoyed B/surprisedC/bored D/tired()7/A/what B/which C/when D/where()8/A/people B/studentsC/children D/characters()9/A/crying B/laughingC/running D/coughing()10/A/funnyB/rude C/dull D/strict()11/A/grown B/improvedC/increased D/developed()12/A/acted B/heardC/experienced D/dreamed()13/A/something B/anythingC/nothing D/everything()14/A/quickly B/suddenlyC/immediately D/finally()15/A/cheer up B/give upG/make up D/put upD(2012资阳)A farmer had some little dogs to sell/ As he was putting up an advertisement on the fence of his yard/ a 1 happened to pass by/“I want to 2 one of your dogs/ sir /”“Well,” said the farmer/ “these dogs come from fine parents and cost a lot of 3 /”The boy 4 his head for a moment/ Then he reached deep into his 5 and pulled out some changes/ “Ive got thirtynine cents(美分)/ Is that 6 to take a look? ”“ 7 ,”said the farmer/ And with that he let out a whistle(口哨),“Here/ Dolly!”Dolly ran out of the doghouse 8 by four little dogs/ The boys eyes danced with joy/As the dogs made their way to the fence/ the little boy noticed something else moving inside the 9 / Slowly another little dog 10 :this one much smaller/ It was doing its best to 11 “I want that one,” the little boy said/The farmer said/ “Son/ dont want that dog/ He will 12 be able to run and play with you like the other dogs would/”The boy rolled up(卷起) one leg of his pants and showed a steel(钢) 13 /Looking back up at the farmer/ he said/ “You see/ sir,I dont 14 too well myself,and he will need someone who 15 /”()1/A/boyB/dogC/farmerD/son()2/A/sell B/seeC/buy D/feed()3/A/time B/money C/work D/study()4/A/shook B/coveredC/knockedD/dropped()5/A/pocket B/yard C/heart D/mouth()6/A/enough B/easyC/necessaryD/simple()7/A/NoB/Sure C/Sorry D/Thanks()8/A/sent B/drivenC/followedD/taught()9/A/farm B/fenceC/advertisement D/doghouse()10/A/diedB/shoutedC/appearedD/watched()11/A/catch upB/go awayC/give upD/look out()12/A/sometimesB/alwaysC/oftenD/never()13/A/hand B/back C/arm D/leg()14/A/speak B/run C/walk D/swim()15/A/asks B/understandsC/thinks D/succeedsE(2011衢州)George Washington Carver was born in 1864/ He was born a slave(奴隶)/ When he was still a baby/ his mother was stolen/ He was kept by his master/All his life George loved 1 / When he was only seven years old/ he already knew so 2 about plants that people in his hometown called him “the plant doctor”/George wanted to learn as much as he could/ but there was no 3 for black children where he lived/ When he was ten/ he left home to find a town that would allow 4 children to attend school/ He studied in Missouri and Kansas 5 he finished high school/ All this time he had to work to 6 his own expense(费用)/ He worked as a cook and opened his own laundry/In 1890/ George began college/ At first he studied art/ but he still had a 7 of plants/ He began to study agriculture(农业)/ After he graduated/ the famous inventor Thomas Edison asked him to work in his lab but George 8 / He had other 9 / He started an agricultural organization for black students in Alabama/In those days/ many 10 in the south grew only cotton/ This was 11 to the soil(土壤)/ After a while the 12 would not grow as well/ George Washington Carver wanted to help farmers in the south to grow plants like peanuts and sweet potatoes/ These plants helped the 13 / Over the years he invented hundreds of ways to use these two plants/George Washington Carver invented so many things that he was 14 “The Wizard(能手) of Tuskegee”/ He died in 1943 at the 15 of 79/()1/A/animalsB/plantsC/buildings D/photos()2/A/muchB/manyC/little D/few()3/A/house B/farmC/hospital D/school()4/A/brown B/yellowC/black D/white()5/A/when B/until C/for D/since()6/A/cost B/spendC/pay D/take()7/A/love B/hateC/question D/surprise()8/A/accepted B/refusedC/understood D/cared()9/A/situations B/suggestionsC/plays D/plans()10/A/farmers B/scientistsC/doctors D/inventors()11/A/helpful B/harmfulC/careful D/wonderful()12/A/pumpkinB/peanutC/cotton D/potato()13/A/soilB/waterC/air D/weather()14/A/seenB/lookC/found D/called()15/A/timeB/yearC/age D/seasonFOur English teacher was like a friend to us/ and we all liked her/ One day she came into the classroom and shouted,“Who did this?”She held up a piece of broken glass and asked,“Who 1 the window?”She seldom became angry/ 2 this time she was/I broke the window/ I had done 3 by throwing a baseball/ I didnt want to admit (承认) it 4 I didnt have enough money to pay for a big window like that/“My father will be 5 ,”I thought/ At first I didnt 6 my hand/ but later something strong in my heart suddenly made me stand up/“I did it,”I said 7 / How difficult it was for me to say that!My teacher 8 a book from one of our book shelves and then began walking 9 my desk/ I was afraid that she was going to punish(惩罚) me/“I know you like collecting 10 very much,”she said/ looking down at my 11 face/“Here is the book about collecting stamps that you are looking for/ Now/ the book is 12 and I shall not punish you/ Remember/ its because you 13 the truth/”I couldnt believe it! My teacher wasnt punishing me/ I didnt 14 to pay for the broken window/ And I got my favourite book!As time goes/ the book is 15 ,so is my wonderful teacher/ But I will never forget the lesson the teacher gave me that day/()1/A/cleaned B/climbedC/broke D/mended()2/A/And B/But C/So D/Or()3/A/them B/one C/that D/those()4/A/because B/if C/when D/though()5/A/pleased B/excitedC/frightenedD/angry()6/A/put onB/put upC/put out D/put away()7/A/terribly B/honestlyC/easily D/hardly()8/A/readB/wrote C/tookD/bought()9/A/towardsB/oppositeC/against D/behind()10/A/booksB/desksC/stamps D/windows()11/A/nervousB/prettyC/happyD/square()12/A/youB/yourC/yours D/yourself()13/A/talkedB/spokeC/said D/told()14/A/likeB/want C/use D/need()15/A/openedB/gone C/left D/closedGA thousand years ago/ Hong Kong was covered by a thick forest/ As more and more people came to 1 in Hong Kong/ these trees were cut down and burnt/ Now there is 2 forest left/ though there are still some small areas(地方) covered with trees/ We call these woods/Elephants/ tigers and many 3 animals were living in the thick forest/ When people came to live in Hong Kong/ the 4 began to die out/ Early farmers grew rice and 5 pigs and chickens in the valleys/ They cut down the trees and burnt them/ They needed 6 to keep themselves warm in winter/ to cook their food and to keep a
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