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1、大学英语 2019 智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案2019智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案大全第 1 章 单元测试1 、We often ( ) that when other people do the same things as we do/ they do them for the same reasons/ but this assumption is not always reasonable/答案: assume2、He ( ) the gift of imagination from his family/ but he lacked the driving power to take

2、action/答案: inherited3、After a(n) ( ) physical exam/ my doctor said I was in good condition except that my blood pressure was a little high/答案: comprehensive4、Our bodies have greater ( ) than most of us realize/ and we can benefit by remembering this/答案: potential5、He was proud of being chosen to ( )

3、 in the game/ and he promised that he would try as hard as possible/答案: participate第 2 章 单元测试1 、City residents the housing price is unreasonablyhigh/答案: complain that2、Dont justwrong with it/ suggest somepositive ways to solve the problem/答案: complain about3、He intends to quit the job/ not that he d

4、islikes it/but that he is too old for it/可翻译为:他打算辞职,不是因为他讨厌这项工作,而是因为他年纪太大了,不适合这项工作。答案:对4、It is not that Kate doesnthat it is beyond her power/t want to help you/ but可翻译为:不是凯特不想帮你,而是这超出了她的能力范围。答案:对5、Not that Im unwilling to lend you a hand/ but (that)I m too busy for the moment/可翻译为:不是我不想帮你,而是我现在太忙了。

5、答案:对第 3 章 单元测试1、“ For mo st undergraduates/ nonstop Internetconnectivity is the fuel of college life/”的参考译文是对 于大多数本科生来说,永不间断的网络是大学生活的动力。答案:对2、“ The Internet is a powerful tool/ but make sure that you use it wisely for all the good value it offers andthat you won t let too muchof a good thing become”

6、的翻译是:互联网是一个强大的工具,但是你要确保能明智地利用它,来获得它所具备的一切好处,确保你不会过度使用它而使之变成害人的东西答案:对3、In the text in section B/ why does the author regard the Internet as a doubleedged sword? Like pollution and traffic jams that come with the convenience of cars/ Internet access has proven so popular that it has given rise to a ne

7、w kind of social epidemic/ Internet addiction/答案:对4、The sentence“On one campus/ students use WiFi tofire off instant messages/ review their homeworkassignments/ andcheck their bank balances/”means有一所大学里,学生用无线网络点燃即时信息、复习家庭作业以及查看银行账户余额。答案:错5、The sentence “These things didn t hen to these people becaus

8、e they were lazy or stupid/ they henedbecause of addiction/” means 这些事情没有发生在这些人身上是因为他们懒惰或愚蠢。事情发生了因为他们上网成瘾。答案:错第 4 章 单元测试1 、She held her hand above her eyes to shield them_ the sun so that she could see more clearly the man in front of her/答案: from2、What writing pattern does the author use in Section

9、 A?答案: questionexampleconclusion3、My daughter was shy/ she was afraid to ask questions/_ to questions in class/ or talk with other children/答案: respond4、In which month did the story of Section B take place?答案: November5、What is Jonda in Section B?答案: a police officer第 5 章 单元测试1、When talking about co

10、operation agreement/ theyheld out severalterms/答案: harsh2、We willany aggression/答案: smash3、He is fair to us without/答案: distinction4、The budget of the has been hacked almost in half/答案: finance5、The thesis may at first strike one as extreme/ but evidence exists to support it/答案: substantial第 6 章 单元测

11、试1 、Working 20 hours per week or more/ _ school achievement and commitment/答案: results in results from2、Many power stations have been modernized to lesspollution/答案: give off3、My parents do not object to my taking parttime jobs/ but they remind me not to let them _my school work/答案: interfere with4、

12、He denies the universitys _ that he cheated in twotests through having knowledge of the questions in advance/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。5、In factories/ workers are mostly male while female workers are _/答案: in the minority第 7 章 单元测试1 、They were _ to sell their house in order to pay their debts/答案: climax2、T

13、he scientist is _ in many spheres of knowledge/答案: climax3、The Prime Minister _ that a fiveman committee had been founded to investigate the cause of the accident/ 答案: Bdetection of sensory stimuli in the environment 4、The rent is reasonable/ and _/ the location isperfect/答案: moreover5、This kind of

14、desk can be _ to the height you need/答案: by第 8 章 单元测试1、“艰难之路唯勇者行”,可翻译为:When the goinggets tough/ the tough get going/答案:对2、Humanities 可解释为: he Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human culture/ using methods that are primarily anaytical / critical/ orspeculative/ which are dist

15、inguished from the mainly empirical roaches of the natural sciences/ The humanities/ also called social sciences/ include history/ anthropology/ communication studies/ law/ language/ literature/ philosophy/ religion/ music and theater/ etc/答案:对3、invest sb/ with sth/的意思是,把某物扔给某人答案:错4、After driving fo

16、r thirty miles/ she suddenly realized that she in the wrong direction/答案: had been driving5、On his next birthday he married for ten years/答案: will have been第 9 章 单元测试1 、Earthquakes occur without warning/ however/ it is claimed that some animals can feel earthquakes ( )occurrences because of their hi

17、ghly sensitive organs/答案: prior to2、It is ( ) for every family to make earthquakeemergency plans答案: sensible3、People used to think the development of electronics may ( )/ but now more and more letters and documents travel electronically/答案: not amount to much4、Ford tried dividing the labor,each work

18、er _ aseparate task答案: By borrowing cash/5、The article opens and closes with descriptions of twonews reports, each one major point () the other答案: in contrast with第 10 章 单元测试1 、Choose the ropriate words or expressions to finish the sentences/When the police caught up with him/ Mr/Foster had to _that

19、 he d broken the speed limit/答案: confess2、Guess the meaning of the underlined idiomaticexpressions in the following sentences/With a knot in thepit of my stomach/ I conquer my fear and ask/“Hey/ howabout lunch after class on Friday?”答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。3、For the body part/ a long journey of love/ the

20、 author writes in _ sequence/答案: time4、Valentine s Day on February 14 is a holiday of love and romance usually by exchanging valentines or lovetokens between lovers/应该翻译为:2 月 14 ***节是一个充满爱情和浪漫的节日,恋人之间通常都会交换***卡和爱情信物。答案:对5、On Qixi Festival/ girls would also beg Weaving Maidfor some wisdom for a hy marr

21、iage/应该翻译为:在七夕那天,姑娘们会向天上的织女祈求智慧,以获得美满姻缘。答案:对第 11 章 单元测试1 、The National Bureau of Statistics will release a series of economic indicators/ including inflation/investment and social/答案: consumption2、The stock price fluctuations have sparked theinvestors concern about insider trading and market /答案: cl

22、imax3、According to a report/ a 47 percent of the Britishpopulation has admitted to cheating on a partner/答案: staggering4、Nowadays/ the problems faced by teachers derive fromthe belief that the teachers task is to fill studentsheads with the information they need to know/应翻译为:现在,老师们面临的问题来自于一种观念,那就是人们认为老师的任务就是往学生的大脑里填满他们需要知道的信息。答案:对5、Choose the Chinese expressions which match the English ones/messages at odds with each other ( )答

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