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Unit 1李明是学化学的,性格开朗幽默,颇有魅力,但英语成绩不佳,每次只能勉强及格。老师警告他,英语不好会阻碍他拿奖学金,并亮出了自己的王牌:如果李明不努力,就让他考试不过关。老师还告诉他,学习英语不能只为了文凭,否则他即使大学毕业,也还是个半文盲。李明虽然保持镇定,但他明白,他的学业生涯正在攸关之际,必须安心下来埋头学习,坚持不懈。Li Ming was a chemistry major/ a charmer noted for his easygoing and humorous temperament/ However/ his English was so poor that he always barely got by/ The teacher admonished him that his poor English would be an impediment to scholarship/ Whats more/ she showed her trump card/ if Li Ming did not work hard/ She would flunk him/He was also told that he should not learn English merely for the sake of his diploma/ otherwise/ even after graduation from university/ he would still be semiliterate/ Although Li Ming did not lose his composure/ he was well aware that he had to settle down to work and follow through because his academic life was at stake/Unit 2我的朋友琳达接受过良好的教育,既美丽又端庄,三十好几依然没有人向她求婚。究其原因,她的事业心极强,整日扑在工作上,每天来往于住处和公司之间,根本没有时间和异***往。一想到女儿这么大了还单身一人,她父母就焦虑不安。他们不知道该如何是好,甚至还去咨询一些社会学专家。 但是事情在上个月出现了转机,公司的总部调琳达到培训部。在新的工作岗位上,琳达遇到了第一个触动她心弦的男人。从此,他们几乎每天约会,琳达意识到她会不顾一切地爱这个男人。决定嫁人的时候,她告诉了我这个好消息。 虽然琳达的爱情让人想起电影中才会有的浪漫故事,我也担忧未来究竟会怎样,但我还是表达了我由衷的祝福,并爽快答应在婚礼那天做他们的伴娘和伴郎随从中的一员。Linda/ my good friend/ has received good education and is both beautiful and elegant/ She was not proposed to even when she was well over thirty/ The reason is that she/ as a career oriented woman/ is devoted to her work/ Navigating between home and the company/ she had hardly any time to socialize with people of the opposite sex/ Her parents were gripped by anxiety at the thought of their daughter still remaining single at such an age/ They did not know what to do and even consulted with some sociologists/But the situation began to change last month/ when the headquarters of the company transferred Linda to the training department/ On the new post/ Linda met a man who tugged on her heartstrings for the first time/ Ever since then/ they dated virtually on a daily basis/ and Linda realized that she would love the man beyond all reason/ When she decided to take the matrimonial plunge/ she informed me/Though Lindas love is reminiscent of the romance that we see only in movies and I dont know what the future will hold for her/ I give her my heart-felt wishes and agree readily to be a member of the entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen/Unit 3食品供应商缺乏诚信已经成为当今社会的一大问题。部分企业欺骗公众,故意散布假消息,颂扬食品添加剂是食品工业的伟大成就,并声称适量的添加剂对健康有益无害。部分有良知的科学家对食品添加剂的含量和毒性展开了深入的病理学研究。研究结果表明,部分常见的食品添加剂经长期,可能会对健康产生危害,这被认为是食品安全研究方面极为重要的一项成就。尽管一小撮由厂商雇佣的怀疑论者质疑研究的科学性,并嘲笑人们胆子太小,但不少消费者已经开始重视食品添加剂问题,并转而食用天然食物和新鲜食物。部分专家表示,一旦消费者针对食品商的欺诈行为提***讼,他们愿意提供证词。The disingenuousness of food suppliers has become a serious issue in todays society/ Some of them defraud the public by disinformation and extolling food additives as a great achievement in food industry/ They also claim that additives at a moderate level do no harm to health/Some righteous scientists have made in-depth pathological investigations into the content and toxicity of food additives/ Their findings/ which suggest that some common food additives may lead to health risks if used for a long time/ are regarded as a landmark event in the research of food security/Although a gaggle of skeptics hired by food manufacturers question whether such researches are scientifically based and even deride people as timid/ many consumers are beginning to pay attention to food additives and turning to natural and fresh food/ Some experts promise to give testimony if any consumer charges food suppliers with racketeering/Unit 4电子邮件对我们职业生涯和个人生活的影响非同一般。相隔千里的人们可以在短短的几秒钟之内发送并接受详尽的文件资料。这使人们能够以一种前所未有的方式齐心协力,共同承担大量的工程项目。通过电子邮件与国外的人通信、交换文件已成为司空见惯的事情。唯一的障碍是时区的不同。但是,另一方面,阅读电子邮件也会吞噬我们相当多的工作时间。有时,我所收到的许多未经索要的邮件都还值得一读,不分青红皂白地将他们全部删除显得有些鲁莽。毕竟,我收到的许多邮件都来自我的同时和上级。在我看来,店子邮件有助于缓和办公室里的等级观念。通过电子邮件向老板提些建议比面对面的交谈容易的多。但是不利之处在于,如果电子邮件被曲解会导致伤害以及对别人的冒犯。电子邮件是福也是祸。用得好,它可以带来许多益处,用得不好,它也会招致许多麻烦The effect that e-mail has on our professional and personal life is mind-boggling/ People thousands of miles away from each other can send and receive detailed documents within mere seconds/ This allows us to take on a multitude of projects/ to pool our collective efforts in a way that wouldnt have been possible before/ It has become routine for us to correspond and exchange files with people overseas/ The only obstacle is the difference in time zones/But on the other hand/e-mail can eat up a substantial portion of our workday/sometimes/most of the time and effort involved is going through unsolicited messages and deleting junk/However/many of the unwanted messages I receive are actually worth reading/so it would be reckledd to wipe them all out without further investigation/After all/many of the messages I receive come from coworkers and superirs/In my opinion/e-mail help flatten hierarchies in an office setting/ It is far easier to make suggestions to our bosses via e-mail than it is to do so in a face-to-face talk/But the downside of it is that e-mail/if misinterpreted/may result in some hurt feelings/and offenses/E-mail can be a blessing or a curse/ Used properly/e-mail offer great advantages/Used poorly/it can cause enormous trouble/Unit 5在现代社会,尽管社会进步,物质丰富,人们总感到有些地方不对劲,但却又难以明确指出到底问题出在哪儿。空虚,没有归属感,缺乏稳定的社会关系似乎都成为人们略感不快的来由。人们对于快乐这个棘手的话题,似乎都有共识:若问及人们生活怎样,他们会谈及他们的家人、工作等而非仅仅是回答他们的薪水多少。对他们而言,生活的质量比薪水的数量更加重要。而***家们却对此难以理解,为这些难以测量的家庭价值观念而感到困惑。实际上,政府可以发挥积极地作用来响应人们对于快乐幸福的渴望。最终,整个社会的幸福需要我们大家共同参与,确实,参与本身就能带来快乐。In modern societies/ despite the social progress and prosperity/ People always feel that there is something not quite right/ However/ it is hard for them to put a finger on it/ A feeling of emptiness and not belonging/ a lack of defined solid relationship seem to be the sources of unhappiness/ People all agree on the great conundrum of personal happiness/ when asked how they are/ they will answer in terms of their family life and work life rather than just what they are paid/ For them/ the quality of life means more than the quantity of salary/However/ politicians find it hard to grasp the subject/ and are flummoxed by immeasurable concepts such as the family value/ As a matter of fact/ the government can take a provocative role to respond to the yearning for happiness/ Ultimately societys happiness requires us all to play our part/ and indeed/ playing our part is part of being happy/Unit 6本文体现了作者对全球化肯定的态度,但也表达了作者对全球化所带来的挑战的焦虑。全球化在国际范围内促进了经济增长,使富有的国家持续发展,在其他地方减少贫困。因为国家经济相互依赖的程度越来越高,在各国寻求进步与安全的过程中,合作就变得至关重要。然而,问题是近来人们似乎已忘记了国际合作的价值。我们从历史的教
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